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When looking for a puppy for sale there are several things to look at. The first thing is find a great ethical breeder. You will need to screen the breeders you find. To make sure they are a legal business and following all their local laws and regulations. Here is Missouri we have over 23 pages of rules and regulations to follow. Missouri has more laws then any other state when it comes to breeding.

There are literally THOUSANDS of website on the internet for breeders to list their puppy dogs on sale not  including their personal websites. The number 1 thing you need to do is take your time. You are making a decision that will effect you and your family for many years to come. Never let a breeder talk to you into a dog, always make that decision for your self. There are MANY breeders that just care about the money not the dog or the new owner. Make sure you get a health warranty for at least 2 years in writing. Most stuff will not show up until the dog is over a year old. Some things might not show up until they are 3 or 4 years old.   

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In our opinion ALL ethical breeders will do genetic testing on their moms and dads. Breeders should breed to better their breed. If a breeder dose not do their testing how can they better the health of their off spring?


We are proud to say we are a home breeder. We are also State of Missouri Licensed and INSPECTED.. Missouri has more breeding laws then any other state. I have been a home breeder since 1991 but I did take a break for about 6 years from 1997-2003. In 1987 I found out I could not have children of my own. There is no worse news to hear. That is when I think the thoughts and desire came to my heart and soul about breeding and helping families have a new bundle of joy. Many family decided to adopt a puppy when they are not able to have kids, as this is what we did. We adopted our little Wendy in 1990. She was the light in our life and started us in this wonderful passion.  In 1997 to 2003 we were foster parents and daycare providers in the State of California. We simply did not have the time to do both. So we put our breeding program on hold until 2003. In 2003 we moved to SW Missouri. This is where we have been since. I always tell people I came home. I have always felt I belonged here even though I was born and raised in California. My ancestors on my moms side and dads side both came from the SW in the 1920's. Some of this I did not even know until I moved here. But I had always felt a connection to the South West. My husbands family moved from Missouri to California in the late 1940's.

Our immediate family is me, my loving gentle husband, and our outstanding vibrant daughter. Our daughter is a very special as she was chosen (adopted) to be our baby girl. We were very blessed when GOD gave her to us. Both my husband and daughter  help with our babies and parents. We all pitch in everyday to make sure they all have the BEST care and LOVE. 

We are so Lucky and thankful that we have been able to live our life with the passion for the little creatures we help create. Every new  litter of babies is a new adventure and we always look forward to what they will bring. Some people never feel the joy of a puppy or dog. I believe there is no other joy greater then seeing a baby born weather it is a human baby or a fur baby.

We never use the words puppies for sale, we always refer them as being adopted, after all we can not sale our kids or child, and we feel our fur babies are just as important and they are loved just as much. Each one is a living breathing creature that has feeling and show us love and devotion unconditionally. We want to make sure they only get the BEST of fur ever home.

Each and every one of our babies come home with the following

Up to date on their shots, worming, micro-chipped, Lifetime health warranty and much more.

Our adults are genetically tested and in most cases so are several generations behind them. This is the ONLY way we can make sure we are breeding 100% healthy moms and dads. When looking for a puppy online make sure you take your time. NEVER buy on impulse and always talk to the breeder of the puppy.


Always see if you can come to the breeders home and pick up your new baby. Even if you know you can't. Just see what their reaction is. If a breeder will NOT let you come to their home and pick your new puppy up then I would chose another breeder. A home breeder should have an area set up for you to come meet your new baby once they are big enough. NO breeder should let you come while they are still really young, unless they make you wear protective gear and you already have a deposit down so you are not going from home to home spreading germs. 






My name is Cindy Miller Aurora Missouri  I am a home breeder that lives by Aurora Missouri I offer my puppy parents shorkie puppies, fuzzy wuzzy puppies, also known as shichon puppies, teddy bear puppies, puppy for sale but we are picky where they go.


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